André BIéLER

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Lausanne, Switzerland, 1896 - Kingston, Ontario, 1989

André Biéler developed a passion for the French Canadians’ rural way of life, painting and drawing aspects of their everyday lives. The numerous drawings of this period, accomplished whilst travelling the length and breadth of Charlevoix and the Gaspé Peninsula, were soon joined by eloquently and powerfully made wood engravings, which he enhanced with gouache, applied through the use of stencils. His pioneering primitivist technique allowed him to fuse the strength and dynamism of the etched line with chromatic eloquence to form his own personal style. Half way between regionalism and modernism, this style slowly evolved through his experiences with this region, a land that was celebrated by the likes of Gagnon, Fortin and Duguay.

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André BIéLER - Ceux de la Gatineau (1943) Ceux de la Gatineau (1943)
58,5 cm x 68,5 cm
Oil on panel


André BIéLER - Le Rigodon (1940) Le Rigodon (1940)
91 cm x 107 cm
Oil on canvas


André BIéLER - Jour d'élections dans un champ de tabac (1942) Jour d'élections dans un champ de tabac (1942)
34" x 36"
Oil on canvas


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