Paul-Émile BORDUAS

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St-Hilaire, Québec 1905 - Paris, France 1960

There is no artist harder to exercise from his time and place than Paul-Émile Borduas. Cloaked in a historical mantle, he has become the symbol of creative rebellion, the masthead of a generation that changed forever the course of Quebec society. He had a romantic, tragic life as he died in exile in Paris. Can one look at Borduas’ paintings and not hear the battle cry of Refus flobal? One can and even should, for his works are as viable and as contemporary as ever. Seen from the perspective of time, they are even more striking.

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Paul-Émile BORDUAS - Sans titre (1954) Sans titre (1954)
10 ½" 8 ½"
Watercolour on paper

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Paul-Émile BORDUAS - Abstraction no. 20 ou portrait de Mme B (1942) Abstraction no. 20 ou portrait de Mme B (1942)
23 9/16" x 17 ½"
Gouache on paper


Paul-Émile BORDUAS - St-Jean (1935) St-Jean (1935)
8" x 8"
Oil on canvas


Paul-Émile BORDUAS - 15.47 ou Crâne cornu aux enfers (1947) 15.47 ou Crâne cornu aux enfers (1947)
51 cm x 66 cm


Paul-Émile BORDUAS - Boucle perdue (1957) Boucle perdue (1957)
74 cm x 60 cm
Oil on canvas


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