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Montréal 1922 - Montréal 2011

Pierre Gauvreau enrolled in the Ecole des Beaux-arts in 1937 and became a member of the Contemporary Art Society (formed in 1939) which included Paul-Émile Borduas, John Lyman and others. He signed the Refus global in 1948. His interest in avant-garde literature influenced his visual thinking, and although he did not entirely embrace the current Surrealist theories, the legacy of the gestural freedoms associated with automatism appealed to him. 

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Pierre GAUVREAU - Composition (1944) Composition (1944)
11 " x 9 "
Mixed media on paper


Pierre GAUVREAU - Cubarde (1947) Cubarde (1947)
34" x 36"
Oil on canvas


Pierre GAUVREAU - Composition (1947) Composition (1947)
16" x 13"
Oil on panel


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