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Kalvarija, Lithuania, 1908 - Montreal, Canada, 1979

Sam Borenstein was a 20th century Canadian Expressionist artist. His work evocates Montreal streets and Laurentian villages. He had a career of over 40 years. Bold colors, dynamic brushwork and ecstatic energy are characteristic features of Borenstein’s paintings, which capture the settings, personalities and life in and around Montreal, the artist’s adopted city. Borenstein was part of the remarkably vibrant scene of Jewish artists and writers in Montreal between 1930s and 1960s. 

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Samuel BORENSTEIN - Sainte-Agathe (1965) Sainte-Agathe (1965)
12" x 24"
Oil on panel


Samuel BORENSTEIN - Paysage d'hiver (c. 1960) Paysage d'hiver (c. 1960)
11" x 24"
Oil on panel


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