Biography of Arthur-Dominique ROZAIRE

Arthur-Dominique Rozaire by Edmond Dyonnet



Arthur Rosaire was born in Montreal in 1879 as the son of a decorative designer. He received his art education in classes at the Quebec Council of Arts and Manufactures, at the Monument national under Edmmond Dyonnet. Next he studied at the Art Association of Montreal under William Brymner and also under Maurice Cullen. He left the “z” in Rozaire after its appearance in a 1900 catalogue. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1917 where his work was very well received. He was active in art circles and served as a judge for the California Art Club. He died in Los Angeles in 1922.



Rosaire was known for his landscapes and developed quickly into a skilled painter recording the beauties of the Quebec landscape with great sensitivity. He was especially effective with his treatment of sunlight and night scenes both of which displayed his fine shadowing. He painted as well, scenes of Montreal, Westmount, Mount Royal, and rural areas (the hills, lakes and rivers of the Laurentians). Often there would be figures or cattle in his rural landscapes. Times of day (early morning and sunset) fascinated him for their array of delicate colours.



Rosaire was elected Associate of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1914.



Rosaire first exhibited in the Montreal Spring Shows in 1900 and continued to show his work there until 1917. He also exhibited with the Royal Canadian Academy from 1907 to 1920.                    



The National Gallery of Canada acquired three of his canvases between 1915 and 1917. He is also represented in the following collections: the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the California Art Club.


Source: Colin S. MacDonald, A dictionary of Canadian artists, Volume 7, Canadian Paperbacks, Canada, 1990

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