Biography of Claude DE GASPé ALLEYN



Claude de Gaspé  Alleyn is a self-taught artist born in Quebec City in 1946. Subsequent to obtaining a History degree at the University of Montréal, he pursued a career in the field of communications, all the while continuing to paint. During the 1990’s, on the fringes of the mainstream art world, he developed a fresh, independent and critical vision of the world.

He lives and works in Québec’s Eastern Townships. In 2009, he was featured in a televised report on a project called Mural Mosaic which took place in Edmonton, Alberta. Since July 2007, he has painted in his studio in West Brome, Québec.

Claude de Gaspé Alleyn’s work has been shown as part of the permanent collection at Galerie Valentin since fall 2010.



On the fringes of mainstream contemporary art, Claude de Gaspé Alleyn’s paintings, resolutely figurative and undeniably narrative, express a social vision that is fresh, individualistic, and sometimes critical of our world.



The technique employed by the artist surprises the viewer with its luminosity and intense pixellisation.






Since 1985, he has participated in, or been the focus of, exhibitions in several galleries, such as Arts Sutton (Sutton), the Centre d’Exposition du Vieux Palais (Saint-Jérôme), Galerie Westmount (Montréal) and Zanettin (Quebec). Alleyn has taken part in many exhibitions and has produced commissioned works in such Canadian cities as Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec.

  • 2013-2011: Artist’s choice, group exhibition, May, Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • 2013-2010: Small size works, group exhibition, December, Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • 2010-2007: Tour des Arts, group exhibition, July, August, Eastern Townships
  • 2003: group exhibition, June, Arts Sutton, Sutton
  • 1990: solo exhibition, November, Galerie Westmount, Montreal
  • 1990: Spécial western, group exhibition, November - December, Centre d’expostion du Vieux Palais, Saint-Jérôme
  • 1988: Oeuvres sur papier, group exhibition, September, Galerie L’informelle, Montreal
  • 1988: Coup de soleil, group exhibition, July - August, Centre d’expostion du Vieux Palais, Saint-Jérôme



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  • Documentary film l’oeil de la baleine de Sylvie Pelletier, Red letters film, 2010, Canada, diffusé sur ArtTV, shot in Claude de Gaspé Alleyn’s studio
  • Documentary film La route des vacanceson Canal Vie, shot in Claude de Gaspé Alleyn’s studio

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