Biography of Edmond MASSICOTTE

Edmond Massicotte, 1901



Born in Montreal, Joseph Edmund Massicotte studied at l’École des Arts et Manufactures under Edmond Dyonnet and at the Art Association of Montreal. Around 1898 he was working as a free-lance illustrator known for drawings and designs in various French Canadian publications. He went to great lengths to question the older people of his time to increase his knowledge, and accuracy of his paintings, drawings, and engravings. He probably acquired as well information from his historian brother, Edouard Zotique Massicotte. He is remembered for his twelve illustrations in Nos Canadiens d’autrefois. Each illustration was commented on by a well known French Canadian writer.

His work appeared also in the following publications: La Presse, Le Monde Illustré, Le Canada, Le Journal, Le Passe-temps, L’Album Universel. He did a series of seventeen engravings on the customs of French Canadians especially to do with the holiday seasons. He died at Sault-au-Récollet in 1929.



Massicotte was especially interested in customs, costumes, and other details of early French Canada.



Massicotte is known for drawings, paintings and engravings.



Original engravings, particularly of the Bois-de-Coulonge series were acquired in 1939 by the Quebec Governement and for the Quebec Lieutenant Governor’s residence.


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