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Humpolec, Czech republic, 1947

Frank Vondrejs created portrait sculptures in bronze of several of the principal dancers of the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto and had his first solo exhibition in Mississauga in 1989. His bronze sculptures of ballet dancers and of nudes are generally figurative with an irregular textural finish. At times the forms are voluptuous, sometimes deformed and occasionally they are given a polished finish. 

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Frank VONDREJS - Moldow Moldow
H. 13"
Bronze 3/9

3,100.00$ CAD
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Frank VONDREJS - Berta Berta
H. 25"
Bronze 3/9

5,100.00$ CAD
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Frank VONDREJS - Rex Harrington Rex Harrington
H. 9"
Bronze 10/24


Frank VONDREJS - Karen Kane (Swan Queen) Karen Kane (Swan Queen)
H. 7 1/2"
Bronze 8/24


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