Biography of Georges CHAVIGNAUD

Georges Chavignaud, 1900



Born in Lanvéoc, Finistère, France in 1865, Georges Chavignaud watched Corot paint as a boy and later came under the influence of this artist.

He arrived in Toronto in 1884 and became an art director for a Canadian publishing firm. He studied at the Académie royale des beaux-arts in Brussels in 1903, studied black and white in Paris and painting in Antwerp in 1904. He became an admirer of French Impressionism. He travelled to Belgium in 1904 where he painted and studied.

He became the principal of Victoria School of Art and Design in Halifax in 1912-16. He travelled frequently in Europe from 1914. Chavignaud died in Meadowvale, Ontario in 1944.



His work strove for poetical expression. He painted tragic trees, inimitable skies, Canadian pastorals and vigorous seas. He sketched in Netherlands in 1904 and painted on Île d’Orléans, Prince Edward Island, Meadowville, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Holland, Belgium and France.



Chavignaud was a watercolourist and painter.



His watercolours received praise from King Leopold of Belgium. He was a member of the Society of Watercolour Painters of Belgium. He was a founding member of the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto and a member of the Ontario Society of Artists.



He exhibited in Kitchener in 1925 and in Ottawa in 1930.



He is represented in the National Gallery of Canada by a watercolour of a windmill.


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