Biography of Georges DELFOSSE

George Delfosse, self-portrait



Georges Delfosse was born in Saint-Henri-de-Mascouche in 1869. He studied with Joseph Chabert at the National Institution of Fine Arts in Montreal in 1884, with William Brymner at the Art Association of Montreal, with Edmond Dyonnet in Montreal and in Paris in 1908. He was the founder of the Société canadienne de Portraits et de Tableaux à l’Huile around 1900. He travelled to Paris in 1914, throughout Quebec and eastern Ontario, and to New York and Chicago. Delfosse was interested in historical subjects, particularly of old Montreal. He died in Montreal in 1939.



Delfosse did portraits of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and L.O. David. He painted around 200 large paintings for churches in Canada and the United States; also ten historical scenes for Montreal which were bought by the old municipality of Maisonneuve. His works include a series of historic paintings for St-James Cathedral in Montreal in 1908-09.



Delfosse was a painter, a draughtsman and an illustrator.



The National Gallery of Canada owns one of his canvases.


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