Biography of Jean LEFEBURE



Born in Montreal in 1930, Jean leFebure studied at the École des beaux-arts under Paul-Émile Borduas from 1949 to 1952. From 1950-52 he exhibited in group shows with Borduas, Ferron, Mousseau and Barbeau. He then studied in Paris in 1952. He spent six months visiting exhibitions of art and then travelled to Spain where he lived in a small fishing village near a beach. There he came in contact with gypsies who invited him to accompany them on many trips and gatherings. He completed a number of paintings, which he exhibited in Madrid through the assistance of a member of the Royal Society of Spain. He returned to Paris where he was taken by his teacher Henri Goetz to the Côte d’Azur to meet Picasso. Back in Paris he continued to paint and to participate to a lot of exhibitions.



There is much in Jean leFebure’s work which reminds one of canvases of Paul-Émile Borduas.


Source: Colin S. Macdonald, A dictionary of Canadian Artists, Volume 3, 1975

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