Biography of Louise SCOTT

Louise Scott, self-portrait



Born  in New York of Canadian parents, Louise Scott has been painting since she was 15 years old.  She started painting full time after the death of her father, living on a small legacy he left her.  She studied art at the Montreal Museum School of Fine Arts.  In 1958 she studied with Oskar Kokoschka in Austria at the Salzburg School of Art.

She herself taught for several years at Concordia University (at the time, Sir George William’s University).  She is the mother of three children and divides her time between Montreal and Nova Scotia.
She has exhibited in various international exhibitions, including:  the Washington International Art Fair, the New York International Art Fair and the Toronto International Art Fair.


Scott depicts individuals with a distinctive round face, a round nose, a small mouth and large somewhat globule eyes which fix the viewer with a compelling gaze.
These figures are often dressed in richly colored outfits and placed in settings, which are sumptuous and highly decorative.  She rarely gives titles to her works.

1974: Nudes painted in oils

1976: Paintings, watercolors, drawings and silk screens

1977: Oils and pastels

1979 - 83: Drawings in dry pastel with backgrounds influenced by mediaeval tapestries and costumes. Influenced as well by oriental culture. Some paintings

1984 - 86:  Graphite drawings.  Works on paper

1987 - 93:  Primarily oils on canvas.  Dry pastels

1995 - 2007 :  Portraits.  Oils on canvas.  Small format


Louise works primarily in dry pastel and oil. She occasionally uses watercolor and graphite. She has also produced some silk screens and etchings.
The pastels are usually vertical (1988) with flattened-out forms on different planes. The figures detach themselves from the background seemingly to be projected literally into the foreground. Scott’s work is very colorful and decorative. She explains:  “I love color and light and I try to produce images that are pleasing. There is no significance more profound than that”. (1977)
The backgrounds of the works in oil are not necessarily painted on the vertical. The tone and color schemes in her oil paintings are even more vivid than in the pastels.                    


  • 2006-05-04-03-02-01-00: “Le choix des artistes”. Group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal                  
  • 2006-05-04-03-02-01-00-99-98-97-96-95-94: Small Size Works, Group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal           
  • 1999: “Self-portrait”. Group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal        
  • 1995: Solo Exhibition. Portraits. Oils et pastels. Galerie Valentin, Montreal         .
  • 1993:Solo Exhibition. Mostly oils, only two pastels. Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • 1991: "Une ville, un Musée, une Collection". Group Exhibition, Oeuvres du Musée de la ville de Lachine, présentées à la ville de Kirkland dans le cadre du      programme "Exposer dans l' Ile" du Conseil des Arts de la C.U.M
  • 1990: "Stories for Crystal". Solo Exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal.        
  • 1987: Recent works.  Oils and pastels. Galerie l'Art Français, Montreal              
  • 1984: Recent graphite works, Galerie de l’Art Français, Montreal        
  • 1986 : Galerie d’Art Feuille d’Érable, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, with the collaboration of la Galerie de l’Art Français                  
  • 1983: Variation autour d'un personnage. Recent works on pastel. Galerie l'Art Français, Montreal        
  • 1981: Pastels and oils. Keenlyside Gallery, Vancouver       
  • 1981: Recent works on pastel, inspired by the mediaeval "Le roman de la rose". Galerie l'Art Français, Montreal              
  • 1980: Pastels (clowns, geisha). Masters Gallery, Calgary
  • 1980: Pastels (japanese influence) Galerie West End, Westmount                     
  • 1979: Pastels (japanese influence). Backgrounds influenced by the tapestries of XV, XVI and XVIIth centuries. Galerie l'Art Français, Montreal                   
  • 1978: Lithographs, serigraphies and works on paper. Galerie l'Art Français, Montreal              
  • 1977: Oils and pastels. Galerie l'Art Français, Montreal              
  • 1977: Oils and pastels. Galerie West End, Westmount                       
  • 1976: Solo Exhibition. Paintings, watercolors, drawings and serigraphies. Galerie Dresnere, Toronto                     
  • 1975: "Québec fête".  Group Exhibition organized with the collaboration of the MMFA, city of Montreal and the National Celebration Committee. Mont-Royal Art Centre               
  • 1974: Mainly nudes painted in oils. Galerie West End, Westmount


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  • Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Quebec
  • Contemporary Art Museum, Montreal, Montreal
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal
  • Joliette Museum, Joliette
  • National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  • Canadian Consulate, Ottawa
  • Musée Athénée, Geneva
  • Concordia University, Montreal
  • Shell Collection, Calgary
  • CIL
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  • Kitchener / Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario
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  • Galerie de la Nouvelle - Écosse, Halifax, N.E
  • Galerie Lord Beaverbrook, Frédéricton, N.B
  • Collection du Reader’s Digest
  • Canadian Industries Ltd. Collection
  • Many private collections in Canada, USA and elsewhere around the world


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