Biography of Mabel Irene LOCKERBY

Photographie de Mabel Lockerby

Mabel Lokerby, photo Bénévoles de la Croix-Rouge, vers 1918


Montreal, Quebec, 1882


Montreal, Quebec, 1976

Biography synopsis

Mabel Irene Lockerby studied at the Art Association of Montreal with William Brymner and Maurice Cullen. She was a member of the Beaver Hall Hill group in 1920. In 1928 she won honorable mention at the Willingdon Arts competition. Her painting “Early Winter” was bought by the National Gallery of Canada, and her work "Old Forts” by the Art Gallery of Ontario. She exhibited with the Canadian Group of Painters, the Royal Canadian Academy, and the Contemporary Arts Society. Her work was included at Wembley, the Carnegie International, the World’s Fair, New York (1939) and at Sao Paulo’s 400th Anniversary (1954).

Media used



Art Association of Montreal (under William Brymner; Maurice Cullen)


Beaver Hall Group, 1920

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