Biography of Marcella MALTAIS



Born in Chicoutimi, Quebec, in 1933, she studied at the École des beaux-arts in Quebec City from 1950-55 under Jean Dallaire and Jean-Paul Lemieux.

She visited Paris for the first time in 1958 where she spent a year painting. Returning in Canada she continued her painting and was awarded a Canada Council Grant in 1960, which enabled her to return to Paris and also live and paint in Greece.



Maltais is known as a non-figurative artist.



In 1955 she held her first solo show in Montcalm, Quebec. In 1956 she made her debut in Toronto with a solo show and in ensuing years held solo shows at the Musée des beaux-arts in 1957 and the Musée du Québec in 1968.

From 1958 on, her work was exhibited in many important group shows including: Canadian Biennials of 1959-1965, Spring Show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 1958-64, the Paris Biennial in 1964, Musée d’Art Contemporain in Montreal in 1965 and several international shows in Czechoslovakia, Italy and New York City.

She was a member of the Non-Figurative Artists’ Association of Montreal and with this group exhibited in a number of centres across Canada including the National Gallery of Canada and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, also the Société des Arts Plastiques de la Province de Québec in 1955-56.



In 1955 she won First Prize in painting at the Quebec Provincial Exhibition.


Source: Colin S. MacDonald, A dictionnary of Canadian Artists, Volume 4, Canadian Paperbacks, Ottawa, 1974

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