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Pierre  Lefebvre was born in Hull, Quebec, in 1954. He has been painting full time since 1980 and he had his first exhibition in 1981 in his home town.

He moved to Montreal in 1982, exhibited in Ottawa and Toronto and in 1987 he decided to spend some time in France. For a year he moved back and forth from Ile St. Louis in Paris to the south of France, painting in anticipation of his first solo exhibition in Montreal.

On his return to Montreal in 1988 he exhibited his paintings. As of April 2001 the Galerie Valentin represents Mr. Lefebvre’s work.


Pierre Lefebvre paints portraits, interior scenes and still lifes. He does not use live models for his portraits and if one looks very carefully at the figures portrayed, both men and women, there is a subtle reference to the artist himself. These individuals are very distinguished and reserved.  The women in his work are often portrayed  with their faces slightly turned from the picture plane and they have an enigmatic, introspective quality to them which can at times also project a haughtiness. Figures placed in the foreground take up most of the canvas. The majority are single portraits in which the women may be seated, perhaps holding a book or just patiently waiting, or they may be carrying out some task such as setting a table.

The standing nude figures look somewhat ill at ease, more reserved and timid. Nudes set in an interior scene are turned in on themselves, sometimes cloaked in lengths of diaphanous material. There is no sense of the coquette in these images which are set to perfection by the artist in a contrasting atmosphere of light and shade.

His compositions are structured, often geometric and always engaging.  In many of his canvases the eye is drawn down into the painting, inviting the viewer in.

Pierre Lefebvre’s portraits and still lifes project an atmosphere of mystery and tranquility.  When we examine carefully the details in his work, we  realize that the artist employs a very skillful symbolism to project human separation.  For instance, a jagged outline of draped material leads to a broken goblet spilling red wine over the pages of an open book. The choice of a lemon placed next to the goblet is not by chance.  Nor is the spilt wine staining the pages of the book an aimless gesture. Every detail is meticulously thought out. The artist plans his subject before starting to work on the canvas, developing a general outline of what the finished painting will be. Once his ideas have come together, the paint brush flies across the canvas transcribing what Lefebvre has mentally created.


Pierre Lefebvre paints in oil. His colours can at times be intense but unobtrusive. Some paintings appear monochromatic even though the colours chosen are not from the same colour group. This may be the result of his brush strokes drawing out the colour; a vigorous brush, a sure and determined stroke, nervous but precise. In applying the colour in short brush strokes in different directions, he enlivens the surface of the work and the colour as a consequence gains in nuance what it loses in intensity.

To quote Michèle Lauzon in a 1995 statement about the artist, “whether through colour, light or emotion, little by little Pierre Lefebvre has succeeded in establishing a balance in his paintings, affirming  the undeniable talent of the artist.”


2006     Galerie Valentin, Montréal

2002     Galerie  Valentin, Montréal         

1995     Galerie Vincent, Ottawa

1993     Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal

1991     Galerie Vincent, Ottawa

1989     Galerie Montcalm, Hull

1988     Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal

1986     Galerie Vincent, Ottawa

1984     Kinsman-Robinson Galleries, Toronto

1983     Galerie Vincent, Ottawa

1981     Galerie Gérard Raymond, Hull


2012-2001 Artists' Choice, Galerie Valentin, Montréal

2011-2001 Small Size Works, Galerie Valentin, Montréal

2006-05 Masters Gallery, Calgary

2007-06-05-04-03 Artists' Choice, Galerie Roberts, Toronto

2005 Impromptu, Galerie Valentin., Montréal

2004-03 Wallace Galleries, Calgary

2004-1983 Galerie Vincent, Ottawa


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Cape Breton University, Nouvelle-Écosse

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