Biography of Sidney MENKES



Born in Montreal in 1943, Sydney Menkes studied with Sara Diskinson and Adam Sherriff Scott from 1956 to 1958. He then studied at Montreal's Ecole des beaux-arts before leaving for Mexico where he studied Aztec art for a year. Menkes has been represented by Galerie Valentin since 2007.

1943             Born in Montreal

1956-1958  Studied with Sara Dickinson and Adam Sherriff Scott

1959- 1960 École des beaux-arts, Montréal

1961             Resided in Mexico to study Aztec art

1962             School of Art Award, Sir George Williams University, nowadays Concordia University

1963             Studied graphic etchings with Moe Reinblatt, Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and graphic design with Alan Harrison, Sir George Williams University

1963             Taught art classes to children under Christopher Lackey, Sir George Williams University

1963             Robert Simpson Award, Sir George Williams University.

1965             First Prize (furniture design), Cyanamid of Canada Ltd.

1967             Gave private art instruction

1969              Windows display, photography and architectural rendering

1970              Taught at the Artist's Workshop Studio, Montreal

1975              Toy design and construction, fun Company, Montreal

1976- 2001   Owned and operated Magnum Opus, Montreal


A great collector of antique toys for more than twenty-five years, this artist incorporates these exceptional objects in his paintings by reproducing them with great accuracy. 

2003-2007    The Children's Toy Series


Sidney Menkes works with oil and polyurethane acrylate on canvas as well as carbon pigment on paper. Each painting is framed with precious wood, made by a craftsman.


2013-08             Artists’ Choice, Group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

2013-07             Small Size Works, Group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

2007                  Children’s Toy Series, Solo , Galerie Valentin, Montréal

1964                  Mount-Royal Centre, Montreal

1964                  Maisonneuve Recreation Centre, Montreal

1966                  Galerie Libre, Montréal

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