Biography of Washington FRIEND



William Frederick Friend was born in Washington, D.C., about 1820. He taught drawing privately. He was active in England between 1842 and 1845, in Boston about 1845-47, in Philadelphia about 1847-49, in Washington about 1851. He died in Littlehampton, England, in 1891.



He travelled to New York, Albany, Troy, and Rochester, New York, Trenton, New-Jersey, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, and Quebec City, 1849-51, sketching for his « Panorama of Canada and the United States ».



Friend was a watercolourist and a painter.



Friend’s panorama was presented in North America and Great Britain in the mid-1850s.


Source: Catalogue of the national gallery of Canada, Canadian art, volume one, Ottawa, 1988, p. 74.


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