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Quebec City, 1906 - Montreal, 1988

A major change happened in Quebec for which Pellan’s return in 1940 form Paris was a turning point. Other artists, over the previous years, had tried to alert their very conservative community to the existence of modern avant-gardes; but Pellan, with his copious Parisian production  - almost 400 works – made the transition possible. Opposed by more than a few, his art broke through a barrier which was both artistic and social, and which opened an avenue to fauvism, cubism, a dreamlike surrealism, and primitivism.

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Alfred PELLAN - Étude pour Étude pour "L amour fou ou désir" (1948)
11" x 9"
Lead pencil on vellum paper


Alfred PELLAN - Folies Bergères (1973) Folies Bergères (1973)
13" x 10"
Watercolour & ink on paper


Alfred PELLAN - Dépaysement (c. 1945) Dépaysement (c. 1945)
8" x 7"
Oil on paper


Alfred PELLAN - Jeune fille (c. 1940) Jeune fille (c. 1940)
23" x 17"
Charcoal on paper


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