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Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1815 - Chicago, United States of America, 1872

Born in Amsterdam in 1815 Cornelius Krieghoff is thought to have immigrated to the United States in 1835 or 1836.  Sometime after his arrival in New York he met a young woman from Quebec who became his life-long companion. 

Krieghoff portrayed in his paintings the reality of the Quebec of his time; the rustic country life and the primitive and rugged living conditions, which touched him in particular. In this nineteenth-century milieu, there was in Quebec as well as in English Canada and the United States an insatiable curiosity about rustic life, folklore and North American Indians.

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Cornelius KRIEGHOFF - Hunters returning at Sunset (1854) Hunters returning at Sunset (1854)
19" x 26"
Oil on canvas


Cornelius KRIEGHOFF - Tobogganing (1855) Tobogganing (1855)
15,2 cm x 21,6 cm
Watercolour on paper


Cornelius KRIEGHOFF - A winter hunting camp (c.1858) A winter hunting camp (c.1858)
47,7 cm x 65,5 cm


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