Frederick S. COBURN

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Upper Melbourne, Québec 1871 - 1960

Frederick Simpson Coburn studied and travelled a great deal in Europe. In the 1910s, he quickly developed a reputation for his winter landscapes, and his level of success was unprecedented for a Canadian artist. Frederick Simpson Coburn's paintings of horses hauling logs through snowy woodlands, and bright red sleighs down sunny country roads captured the spirit of an era.

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Frederick S. COBURN - Gladioli (1916) Gladioli (1916)
18" x15"
Oil on canvas

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Frederick S. COBURN - The Red Cariole (1943) The Red Cariole (1943)
16" x 24 1/2"
Oil on canvas


Frederick S. COBURN - Red Sleigh, Eastern Townships (1947) Red Sleigh, Eastern Townships (1947)
23" x 32"
Oil on canvas


Frederick S. COBURN - Logging in winter       1931 Logging in winter 1931
15 1/4 x 18 1/4
Oil on canvas


Frederick S. COBURN - Carlotta    1938 Carlotta 1938
32" x 25"
Oil on canvas


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