History of the Gallery

   It was in 1934 that Lucienne and Louis Lange founded Gallery L'Art Francais on Laurier Avenue in Montreal. From the beginning they showed not only French artists but also many artists from Quebec.

   In 1956 when Louis Lange passed away, his wife decided to continue running the gallery alone. Many interesting artists were showing their work at that time; Ozias Leduc, John Little, Stanley Cosgrove, Goodridge Roberts, Marc-Aurele Fortin among them. In 1975 Jean-Pierre Valentin bought L'Art Francais from Madame Lange and continued to show the work of the aforementioned artists but also chose to represent many newer artists: Miyuki Tanobe, Elene Gamache, Genevieve Jost, Christian Deberdt etc.

   In 1986 Gallery L'Art Francais moved to Sherbrooke Street, near the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and in 1992 changed the name to Gallery Jean-Pierre Valentin. Today the gallery represents mostly Canadian artists ranging from the "masters" to the well-established and the young, promising artists.


Galerie Valentin from besotv on Vimeo.

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