Biography of Jeannette PERREAULT

Jeannette Perreault, self-portrait, detail



Born in Montreal in 1958, Jeannette has been involved in the arts since 1976, starting first with sketches and drawings in pen and ink. Between 1982 and 1984 she studied Art History and drawing at Université  du Québec à Montréal. She also attended a number of  live-model workshops.

Jeannette Perreault prefers to work in oils on canvas. She feels the need to express her perception of reality through her paintings. Jeannette has developed an expressive gestural language which marries colour and composition.  She captures reality with a sensitivity of line, simplifying forms and using both colour and light for their expressive qualities.  People are her primary subjects.  Whether in gathering places such as cafes and bars, or in moments of solitude, she seeks out the qualities which characterize the individuality of the model.  She creates an ambiance through the  suggestion of luminosity which contributes to the feeling that the viewer is participating in a specific moment in time which is past and yet present.  She also paints still life, treating the setting and the subject as evocative witnesses of intimacy.

In the fall of 1999 she exhibited a series of works depicting performances at Montreal's Theâtre du Nouveau Monde as well as backstage scenes.  Jeannette showed these works on paper for the first time during this exhibition, which was subsequently shown at Galerie Valentin.

Since 1990 Jeannette has participated in many group shows and has had several successful solo shows starting in 1992 in Montreal at Galerie Valentin and in Toronto at the Roberts Gallery.

Jeannette is represented in many private and corporate art collections such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Trimark Investment & Management Inc. and the A. Y. Jackson Secondary School in Toronto, with private collectors from Canada, Europe and the United States.


·      Spring 2012 : Recent works, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Spring 2008 : New works, Galerie Valentin Montreal

·      Fall 2006 : Recent works, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 2005 : New works, Galerie Valentin Montreal

·      Spring 2005 : Recent works, Winchester Galleries, Victoria

·      Spring 2004 : Recent works, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 2003: New works, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Summer 2003 : Winchester Galleries, Victoria

·      Spring 2002: Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 2001: Variations urbaines, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Spring 2000: Between Montreal and Paris, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 1999: Journal, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Fall 1999: En coulisses, Exhibit at  the TNM (Théâtre du Nouveau Monde)

 and at  Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Spring 1998: Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 1997: Paris, Montreal, Eastman, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Fall 1996: Oeuvres inspirées de scènes de la vie parisienne, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Spring 1996: Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 1995: Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Spring 1994: Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 1993: Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Spring 1992: Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Fall 1989: Galerie Serge Turgeon, Montreal


·      Fall 2005 : Impromptu, Galerie Valentin, Montréal

·      Spring 2000 to 2013 : Artists’ choice, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Winter 1993 to 2013: Small Size Works, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Winter 1991 to 2008: Artists’ Choice, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Summer 2001 to 2007: Sketches, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Spring 1999: Self-portraits, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Fall 1998: Between two chairs, Arts Sale and Rental Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

·      Summer 1996: Sketches, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Spring 1996, 93, 92, 91: Les Femmeuses, Research Centre, Pratt & Whitney, Longueuil, Québec

·      Fall 1995: Tout Petit, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Summer 1995: L’Été en fleurs,  Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Montréal

·      Winter 1995: L’Art au temps présent, Artists Centre of Bishop’s University, Lennoxville

·      Winter 1994: Plaisirs d’amour, Arts Sale and Rental Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

·      Winter 1994: Scènes de Montréal, Arts Sale and Rental Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

·      Fall 1993: La genèse de l’œuvre, duo exhibition of Perreault-Montpetit, Artists Centre of Bishop’s University, Lennoxville

·      Fall 1993: Six Quebec Artists, Roberts Gallery, Toronto

·      Spring 1993: McEwen, Perreault, Montpetit, Professors Room, Universite Hospital Centre, Sherbrooke

·      Winter 1993: L’Art au temps présent, Artists Centre of  Bishop’s University, Lennoxville

·      Fall 1992: Elles sont 16, Galerie Valentin, Montreal

·      Summer 1992: Salon Arts Estrie 92, Manoir Des Sables, Orford

·      Summer 1992: Tournées Inter-Cités, Museum of Fine Arts of Sherbrooke, Traveling exhibition

·      Fall 1991: Artists of Quebec, Traveling exhibition, Galerie 78, Fredericton, N.B.

·      Fall 1990: Talking Hearts, Niagara-on-the-Lake

·      Fall 1990: Talking Hearts, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Toronto


·      Fall 1992: Soiree Porte-Folio, Artists Centre Of  Bishop’s University, Lennoxville


Member of Artists Centre of Bishop’s University, Lennoxville


·      May 5, 2005 : Interview at Quand on arrive en ville, CBC Radio Vancouver

·      February 6, 2004 : Interview at Tout est permis with François Dompierre, radio, Radio-Canada

·      Robert Bernier, La peinture au Québec depuis les années 1960, Montréal, Les Éditions de l’Homme, 2002

·      Spring 1998: Interview  at CJBC Bonjour, radio, Radio-Canada

·      Spring 1996: Interview at  CJBC Bonjour, radio, Radio-Canada

·      Fall 1993: Magazin’ Art

·      Fall 1993: Magazine Parcours

·      October 15, 1993: Townships Week, The Record, Sherbrooke

·      November 2, 1993: Interview at RADAR, radio, Radio-Canada

·      Fall 1989: Magazin’ Art


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