Biography of Karo ALEXANIAN


Born in 1956, Karo Alexanian moved to Quebec in 1997. A graduate of the Erevan School of Fine Arts in Armenia, he studied at the Studio of Painting and Graphic Arts in Moscow, as well.A member of the International Union of Artists since 1994, he has exhibited and sold his works in Europe, particularly Austria and Germany, as well as the United States and Canada. Karo’s work has been hanging in Galerie Valentin since the fall of 1999 and as well in Gevik Gallery in Toronto and in Galerie l’Harmattan in Baie-Saint-Paul since the spring of 2001.

"The goal of my work is to reproduce what I observe, using simple lines, colour and texture. I have a particular passion for portrait work. When I am studying a subject, I tend to generalize the forms, to free up the essential and then transform it with gestures. I then try to bring the gestures together and make a link back to the conventional form, as in the portraits where the faces become masks but reflect the interior harmony of that person. I think of it as primitive contemporary. This is why I like large size paintings that look like something like the ancient Egyptian fresco’s, combined with the modern aspects of colour and different materials, oil, acrylic and even gypsum. I am always trying to incorporate a spiritual side to my work, as well, not simply technique, something I find strangely absent from a lot of modern art".

  • Spring 2013-2000 : Artists choice, group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • Winter 2013-2000 : Small size works, group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • 2009 : Solo, Gevik Gallery, Toronto
  • 2007 : Solo, Gevik Gallery, Toronto
  • Fall 2007 : Solo- New Works, Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • Fall 2005 : Solo, Gevik Gallery, Toronto
  • Spring 2005 : Solo, Armenian Community Centre, Montreal
  • Winter 2007-1999 : Small Size Works, group exhibition, Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • Fall 2004 : Solo, Galerie Valentin, Montreal
  • Spring 2003: Solo, Gevik Gallery, Toronto
  • Spring 2002: 1st solo, Gevik Gallery, Toronto
  • Fall 2000: 1st solo, Galerie Valentin, Montreal


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