Biography of Shokichi SATO



Born in 1937 in Japan, Shokichi Sato lives in Sainte-Foy, Quebec. After studying at universities in Madison, U.S., and Toronto, he took courses in wood, iron and stone sculpting at the Moulin des Arts in Ste-Étienne de Lauzon.

He spent some time in Montréal in 1974 learning the lost wax process and patination from a former professor of the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, Mr. M. A. Montagutelli, a master sculptor. He applied these techniques in his studio until 1987. During the period 1971 to 1987, he also attended the live model studio at the Moulin des Arts, part of the Beaux-Arts faculty of Laval University.

From 1986 to 1987 Sato was an active member of the Conseil de la Sculpture du Québec. In 1988 he was awarded the Albert Rousseau prize.


There is always a reference to the human form in Sato's sculptures. The artist says of his work that he prepares a rough of the basic outline from a live model that inspires the movement and form of the sculpture. As the work materializes it becomes more complex through the transmutation of the animal and vegetal worlds and the world of inanimate objects.


Sato uses charcoal and red chalk (sanguine) for his drawings. His sculptures are bronze.


·      2014 :        Exhibition with Anne Marec, 5 Rue de la Garnison, Québec

·      1991:          Sculptures, Galerie Eugène Racette, Orléans, Québec

·      1991:          Sculptures, Galerie Montcalm, Hull, Québec

·      1991:          Sculptures and drawings, Galerie Dominion, Montréal

·      1989:          Sculptures and drawings, Musée canadien de la civilisation, Hull, Québec

·      1989:          Sculptures and drawings, Centre d'exposition de Gatineau, Gatineau, Québec

·      1987:          Sculptures and drawings, Galerie Zanettin, Québec

·      1987:          Sculptures, Galerie Jean-Pierre Valentin, Montréal

·      1986:          Sculptures and drawings, Galerie la passerelle, Sainte-Foy, Québec

·      1976:          Sculptures and drawings, Japanese Cultural Center, Toronto


·      2013-2006: Artists’  Choice, Galerie Valentin, Montréal

·      2013-2006 : Small Size Works, Galerie Valentin, Montréal

·      1990/91:     Sculptures, Centre municipal des congrès, Québec

·      1990:          Sculptures, Maison Bélanger Girardin, Beauport, Québec

·      1990:          Sculptures, Galerie trompe l'oeil, Ste-Foy

·      1990:          Sculptures,  Galerie Montcalm, Hull, Québec

·      1990:          Sculptures, Galerie Pierre Bernard, Hull, Québec

·      1990:          Sculptures, Galerie Wallack, Ottawa

·      1989:          Sculptures, Galerie Eliette Dufour, Québec

·      1988:          Sculptures and drawings, Moulin des arts, Ste-étienne de Lauzon, Québec

·      1988:          Sculptures and drawings, mention pour le prix Albert Rousseau

·      1986:          Sculptures and drawings, Galerie des ateliers apart, lévis

·      1983:          Sculptures and drawings, Moulin des arts, St-étienne de Lauzon, Québec

·      1976:          Sculptures, Auberge des gouverneurs, Québec

·      1976:          Sculptures ,Hotel Loews le Concorde, Québec

·      1975:          Sculptures and drawings,  Place Ste-Foy, Ste-Foy, Québec

·      1974-1975: Sculptures and drawings, Galerie du moulin des arts, St-Etienne de Lauzon,



·      1987-1989: Sculptures and drawings, Galerie Francis Alexandre, Ottawa

·      1986-1989: Sculptures and drawings, Galerie Linda Verge, Québec

·      1986-1989: Sculptures and drawings, Galerie Feuille d’érable, Ste-anne de Beaupré, Québec

·      1986-1989: Sculptures and drawings, Galerie des ateliers apart, Lévis, Québec

·      1986-1988: Sculptures and drawings, Galerie multiplace, St-Jean-port-joli, Québec

·      1984-1985: Sculptures and drawings, Galerie la chimère, St-Roch-des-aulnaies, Québec

·      1973-1988: Sculptures, Galerie Zanettin, Québec

·      1977-1996: Sculptures, Galerie l’Art français/Jean-Pierre Valentin, Montréal

·      1975-1982: Sculptures, Galerie Colbert, Montréal

·      1975-1978: Sculptures, Galerie Benedeck-Grenier, Québec                     


City of  Sainte-Foy and numerous private collections in Canada, the United States and Japan.

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