Louise SCOTT

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New York, 1936- Montreal, 2007

Louise Scott's dry pastel works on paper, or her oil paintings, often represent people characterized by their round faces and noses, small mouths and slightly protruding eyes, who fix the spectator with their strange and penetrating gaze. Wearing colourful costumes, they live in sumptuous surroundings, medeival tapestries or oriental wallpaper completing the decor. 

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Louise SCOTT - 2 personnages 2 personnages
26" x 20"
Serigraph E.A.

300.00$ CAD
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Louise SCOTT - Violinist (1984) Violinist (1984)
19 ½" x 15 ¾"
Etching on paper 81/95


Louise SCOTT - On a train (1984) On a train (1984)
26" x 20"
Etching on paper 72/95


Louise SCOTT - Scène de bar Scène de bar
24" x 18"
Sérigraph on paper


Louise SCOTT - Ombrelles Ombrelles
26" x 20"
Lithograph II/XXV


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